Project & Production Management

As soon as the implementation of the project starts, our company is in a position to undertake all the required procedures for the smooth execution of your event, assigning the respective duties to the working force and arranging the respective work at the departments that compose every production 24/7, if it is required from our clients. 

Whether it is about producers, technicians, presenters, models, artists, security or cleaning staff, we will make sure that they all have the required knowledge, training and experience in their department, and they are available at the appropriate times and dates based on your demands, in order to ensure the smooth function of your project. 

The production management consists of the programming, the organization, the management and the control of the activities in everything that we tasked to undertake: Additionally, among other things, it includes decision making regarding quality, quantity and cost of every production. Our team is in a position to ensure high quality services for our clients, at the right time at the right cost.